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Safety & Security

Potential targets for security-related incidents can vary greatly. If you are travelling abroad, access to comprehensive security planning, information services and insurance solutions can help mitigate risk by preparing you to deal with the unforeseen, and affect the best possible outcome. Our team of security specialists are available 24/7 through calling our assistance number:

Destination Reports
Our destination reports provide guidance about relevant safety, health and travel issues in virtually every country you are likely to visit. You can create a customised report, which you can print or email to a preferred email address.

Security Awareness Training
An online programme that delivers security and situation awareness training. This tool can also be used by organisations to manage their Duty of Care requirements across their workforce.

Security Travel Alerts
An emergency alert email service. As an AIG policyholder, you can sign up to our email security alert service. Tell us the country you are visiting, and we will send emails that will keep you ahead of changing political situations or severe weather conditions which might disrupt your trip.

Security Services
With AIG's wholly owned, worldwide assets, our security services leverage existing expertise and resources to provide top quality intelligence and security assistance. Our team is composed of personnel with a broad spectrum of security industry background, experience and expertise, ranging from government, military and law enforcement to corporate travel and asset protection. Global security analysts leverage a deep network of international contacts to gain valuable organic intelligence, and utilize several supporting software systems to efficiently aggregate and process intelligence information. We help our clients minimise the risks to their people, operations and profitability. With worldwide capabilities, we provide an immediate response for anything from a minor security incident to truly life threatening events such as:

•Search and rescue

Some of these services may incur additional charges.

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